Call Volume

In the last four years, the District's total call volume has increased 34%.  EMS calls have increased 29% and fire calls have increased 46%.  On average, 80% of the calls are EMS related and 20% are fire related.

In 2018, the District responded to a record number of fire calls (24%) and a large number of EMS calls (76%).  It has been the busiest year in the history of the District and responders have handled several calls concurrently or back-to-back in one day.  In 2014, there were an average of 30 calls per month and in 2018, the average was 45 calls per month.   

In 2018, 52% of the fire calls were for outside fires, 34% were fire alarms, 8% were vehicle fires, and 6% were structure fires, with the remaining 8% miscellaneous fire calls such as smoke investigations, electrical fires, etc.  71% of the EMS calls were medical problems and 29% were trauma related.  Of the trauma related emergencies, 43% were a result of a traffic accident, 25% were from falls, and 38% were from other traumatic injuries such as sports injuries, animal bites, assaults, etc.


Month            Fire       EMS         Total                   

January             5             31            36

February           2            43            43

March               10           33            43

April                     7            27            34

May                    18           34            52








TOTAL                42          168         210