Volunteer Recruitment



Many of your personal skills may be useful to the District.  All services are challenging.  The ingredients you add to the mix are your time, talents, enthusiasm, and experience... we supply all the training and opportunity!  A wide range of disciplines are necessary for a well-run fire department.

  • Firefighter - Become a firefighter and be trained in structure and wildland fire suppression and you will have the opportunity to respond to fire calls within our service area and for mutual aid assistance in the surrounding areas.  Firefighters are often called upon to assist with medical calls as well.
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Become certified as an EMT and you will have the opportunity to respond to medical emergencies in the District as well as provide care to firefighters on fire scenes.  An EMT is called upon to make the ultimate difference between life and death!
  • Scene Support Specialists -  The District recognizes that not everyone can commit the time for training and responses to become firefighters and EMTs.  Scene Support Specialists provide additional skilled personnel during fire suppression activities or medical emergencies to relieve firefighters and EMTs so they can perform other tasks.  The positions are Driver/Pump Operator, Rehab, Traffic Control, and Translator.

Our volunteers help prevent problems before they start by being active within the community.

Join Us!

Want to make a difference in your community? If you are at least 18 yeas of age, able bodied, and like a challenge... become a volunteer today! Download the application from the section above and bring it to the District Office for a tour of the main station and learn of the unique and exciting opportunities that await you as a valued volunteer!